A Patch of Ground

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A Patch of Ground  is a  poignant, often humorous, recollection of the siege of Khe Sanh--a pivotal turning point in the American war in Vietnam. Under constant bombardment from the enemy, Mike Archer and his cadre of fellow nineteen-year-old Marines--Orr, Pig, Old Woman and Savage, just to name a few--managed to survive and, in the process, learn about manhood, sacrifice and the darkest recesses of fear and loneliness. Includes numerous photos, maps and provides a detailed history of the battle for Khe Sanh.

Author Michael Archer with "Pig."

Example of the enemy's effective antiaircraft artillery. 

What others are saying: 
"An outstanding account.  Mike Archer captures the essence of the young Marine in Viet Nam; tough, lonely, living miserably and dangerously, yet committed to his mission and especially his fellow Marine. This is a must read for anyone interested in knowing (or remembering) what it was really like at Khe Sanh in late 1967 and early 1968.” Ray Smith, Major General, USMC (Ret), Company Commander at Khe Sanh 

"A combination of personal narrative and historical overview, with maps and photos, A Patch of Ground is the best first-hand account of the battle of Khe Sanh."VIETNAM Magazine

As long as nations are going to war, a few will do their best to tell their stories. If a few, from every generation can tell their stories as humbly and well as Mr. Archer tells his, the record of our culture will be thorough and well preserved.” Caleb Cage, co-author of The Gods of Diyala: Transfer of Command in Iraq 

"A Patch of Ground  powerfully captures a vital piece of history, yet is also a very valuable contribution to anyone who would study the behavior of men in war." David Grossman, Lieutenant Colonel, USA (Ret.), author and lecturer as an expert in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence.. 

"A  fine contribution to Marine Corps literature and one which will be of increasing value as years pass and future generations of Marines ask the question, 'What was it really like at Khe Sanh?" Edwin H. Simmons, Brigadier General, USMC (Ret), Director Emeritus of Marine Corps History and Museums